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I do not think I am schizophrenic (though I’m told that I am for the reason that I don’t think I am). I think it’s an excuse. A cover for a lot that I still can’t quite remember, but that they’re afraid I might. All that they knew before they gave me the diagnosis was that I had other people sharing my body and protecting me. I think that when I was small, I knew the director of the hospital, but I’m not sure. He’s just so… familiar. Bone chilling. I said that, and he got really angry.


In my experience D.I.D. is often misdiagnosed as schizophrenia.  It happened to us. It’s as if the person diagnosing hears only what they want to hear. 

All I can do really is encouraging you to advocate for yourself.  The problem with the mental health field, and a lot of people in general is they hear a diagnosis and they have all these assumptions and won’t change their mind and aren’t open to YOUR experiences.  They don’t listen to hear and understand but to respond and diagnose.

Do you know the reason the director became angry? What did he say?

I want to encourage you to trust your instincts. Instincts sometimes get over ridden by emotions, and thoughts, but tend to be right on.


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Police brutality - The young man in this video has no shoes, no shirt, no belt, and his pants are unzipped. One of the cops has blue gloves on. This screams to me he was just searched. Doesn’t stop the cops from bashing his head into the wall when he can’t walk and leaving the young man with a permanent lump, chipped teeth, and brain injuries. He is dragged down the hall and sprayed with what looks like pepper spray. The cop with the gloves on looks down at the young man bleeding on the floor, and laughs, over and over again. 

3 Cops “On Leave” in Seabrook, New Hampshire After Police Brutality Video Appears On Youtube 
More information here: http://noarmycanstopanidea.com/3-cops-on-leave-in-seabrook-new-hampshire-after-police-brutality-video-appears-on-youtube/
UPDATE - All cops have been identified. Adding their pictures here now 

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I already asked this. Please write a book on spiritual programming.  I really need some information and guidance in this area of programming.

Writing a book is a big undertaking and I’m sorry I don’t have the means to right now.  Please in box me any questions you have I’ll do my best to answer them.


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