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I would ‘uncut’ all the stuff you cut from the programming manual. As long as it is well structured, it can be 5,000 pages. We need all the info we can get in the fight against the baddies. Knowing is half the battle!
I agree with getting information out there. I’ll work on writing the pieces that I omitted.

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They that be with you are more than they that be with them! <3 God is with you. No reason to worry! :)
Thank you for the encouragement. The system has never felt more alone than at this moment.

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Anonymous asked a question

you asked for information about how to improve the manual. Have you written about Dr. Red + Green? Is there a good source of info about what drugs have been used when? A section on physical implants, teeth, etc and how they are used would be interesting. I am working with a client on core programming…which was apparently conducted in a sensory deprivation tank (though she remembers being held from behind also?) and given a number and obedience…how does that work? We are stumbling in the dark

Thank you for the feed back. The manual was how programming is completed. There wasn’t in depth information on the Dr.s. It would be another book to write on the Dr.s There are a number of Dr.s in programming methodology. And the role of each Dr.
Dr. Green is the lead programmer. He would be over scripts, trauma duratation, psychotropics administered, type of trauma used, part selection, and shattering of the mind.
Dr Red is over the psychological aspect of programming. This includes desired personality traits, phobias, attachment, how and who the subjects will bond with, their psychological progress, or lack of progress. Dr. Red does a lot of “games” with the subject as testing, teaching, and measuring.
The psychotropics used vary. I didn’t put them in the book because the use of various drugs varies from region to region and programming type. The drugs used in Beta programming are not used in Delta programming. I did not want to give a list of drugs with out detail. When I started the book I edited out a lot due to not wanting it to be 1000 pages.
Physical implants are used for a couple reasons. Subject use, and monitoring. Teeth can lead to hearing voices. “Echoing in my head”, ringing of the ears, bad tastes that trigger don’t talk programming, jaw pain, nightmares and sinus issues.
Implants can be placed in the base of the skull, and other areas of the head for thought control using harmonics.
Sensory deprivation is a very delicate art in programming. She may have been held from behind if a “slip” (her mind was going to break causing psychosis not a part) was about to occur. The holding would be stimulation to prevent that.
Numbers are given to parts deeper in the system. The top cover parts, parts that have “duties” with outside contact can have names, depending on programming, some occult parts will have names. Numbers are used to keep tract, and work better with grids in programming.
Obedience, I’m not certain what you mean? Are they obedient to a task, another part, handler, programmer, or inside rules, landscape etc?

Thank you again for your feedback. Please in box me with any questions that you have. You have asked for a lot of information and I will get to work on writing as much as I can to get the information out.


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Anonymous asked: Where can I learn more information about Dr. Red? I think have have programming related to it.

I’m not certain what information is available on Dr. Red outside of survivors.

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Anonymous asked: Who is Dr. Red? Why does all of Dr. Red's stuff sound so familiar to me?

Dr. Red is the name of a programming Dr. The teachings are standard programming lessons.