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Anonymous asked: check out smashwords and scribd. You can also put it on Amazon for free. most of these methods reveal your identity. Putting it on a torrent doesn't as much.

I checked out the sites.  Thank you for sending me the information.  I’m working on managing my privacy, and that of the people who want to buy the book.

The place I was looking at I’d pay to have it published in two formats: download and hard copy.  It would cost me about $600.00 U.S.  If people wanted the book it would be $3.00 to download, $5.00 in hard copy.  I’d get about .50 and 1.00 when someone bought the book.

Update: I can arrange for free copies to be acquired for individuals who cannot afford the cost.  I would cover it.


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Anonymous asked you:

It’s the girl again. Thanks. I don’t want to ask my neuropsychologists about programming. I know they’ll want to recover memories from my past. One already suggested hypnosis to do that. Like no I’ve already acted with an other violent personality and I have zero memory. Apparently my first adoptive mother cocooned me and used other children in violent demonstrations of what would happen if I make any noise or moved at all. Does programming exist outside of the US? Because I’m Ukranian-Canadian.

Hello Girl Again,

I don’t recommend hypnosis. Personally, I believe when your able to remember, and your mind, body, and emotions want to release the memory to you, it will.

It sounds as if there were aspects of programming.  If I may, what were the religious beliefs of the family you were with?

Other personalities hold the memories of what has occurred.  This allows for someone with D.i.D. to manage day to day to some degree.

Yes, programming exists out of the U.S.  In Canada Allan Memorial Institute at McGill University is known for their programming.

Is it alright if I ask you questions?


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Anonymous asked: So when you say "Publisher", what do you mean? You are going to sell it? Make money off of it? Why not simply distribute it?

I was trying to figure out how to get it in hard copy. Also as a download. It would be free. I would pay for the cost.


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Anonymous asked: What are you writing a book on?

The book is about programming.